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Our clients are just like you. They are professionals, executives, and government employees. They are service industry professionals, office workers and laborers. They are college students and teens too. They are good people in a bad situation. They are everyday people who need help through a difficult and frightening experience. Many of our clients have never dealt with the legal system before. Carrie will be there for you through every step of your case. You can trust Carrie Crumbaugh Love to get you through this tough situation, protect your future and move forward with your life.


If you find yourself in need of outstanding legal assistance in Washington, DC or Maryland, you would be smart to contact Carrie Crumbaugh Love. I found myself in need of legal assistance on a serious matter that could have been devastating to my reputation and future. Contacting Carrie was the smartest thing I have ever done.

Although the outcome of the case was far from certain Carrie Crumbaugh Love was supportive, understanding and realistically honest as to the possible outcomes and secured in my case an outcome that was more than I could have hoped for.

Carrie Crumbaugh Love’s impressive knowledge of the DC court system and its officers was directly attributable to the amazing and beyond hope outcome to my case. Her legal skill and expertise along with her impressive connections in the legal profession in Washington, DC were in great part responsible for the eventual dismissal of the charges that had been filed against me.

Carrie was outstanding, keeping me informed every step of the way as to the progress of my case. She was always reassuring and supportive. Carrie was always available to address any concerns or questions and promptly returned my calls. Although being involved with the DC legal system was difficult, after securing the representation of Carrie Crumbaugh Love, at no point did I feel alone or without hope. At moments of great uncertainty her cheerful, perky and reassuring voice always made me secure in the knowledge that I had the best legal representation in Washington, DC!

Carrie Crumbaugh Love is an experienced attorney that can help you if you are charged with a criminal offense, DUI, traffic offense or domestic violence. You can breathe easier knowing Carrie is on your case.

Michael K.

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